Keep Your Flooring Clean

Karndean is a great flooring option because it doesn't trap dirt like natural and fabric materials. All of the products have an enhanced surface coating that ensures your flooring will not need to be sealed after it is installed. All of our floors come with a K-Guard+ surface protection system and use PU technology. K-Guard+ gives a hygienic and durable finish that will have your floors protected for years.

When cleaning the floors, we suggest using a vacuum, broom or dust mop, and we ask that you check to see if your vacuum is safe to use on this flooring. You can also clean the floor with a damp mop with a pH neutral detergent or if machine cleaning (no greater than 175rpm), use a 3M red or scrubber dryer to clean the floor.

If you have a stubborn stain that is tough to remove, you can again use a concentrated neutral detergent and a 3M red pad (or equivalent).


  • Do not drag or slide heavy furniture or other household items across floor.
  • Use appropriate entrance matting (Non-rubber back matting such as Turtle Mats are fine).
  • Mop spillages quickly to prevent stains.